Imagine listening to a dynamic Bible teacher tell the story of Elijah and how God carried him up to Heaven in a chariot of fire, or taking a canoe ride around the lake with your best friend or favorite counselor, or catching a fish for the very first time, or sliding down the water slide so fast you feel like you’re flying! This is what a day at Camp Good News looks like...s

Our Campers

Camp Good News is a day camp for ages 5 – 12 and Youth Track ages 13 – 14. We divide our campers into five groups:

 5-8 Boys

 5-8 Girls

9-12 Boys

 9-12 Girls

Youth Track: 13 – 14 Girls and Boys

Our Counselors

The counseling staff at Camp Good News is comprised of young men and women who love Jesus and love hanging out with kids! Our counselors are trained and prepared to minister to your kids in a safe and godly manner! We have two certified lifeguards at our lakefront and each group has one leader and two to three assistants depending on the size and age of the group. We follow and adhere to the standards set by the Department of Children and Families. Not only are our campers cared for and ministered to during the summer, but we love and care for our counseling staff as well! We know that happy counselors make for a better experience for your camper!

Our Daily Schedule

Each week at Camp Good News has a different theme, but our daily schedule remains the same. Here are some of the activities your camper will participate in during a day at camp!

Opening Assembly: A fun and interactive opening session.

Flag Raising/Prayer: We start the day out right! We salute the American and Christian flag and say a prayer to cover the day.

Group Devotional: Each group divides up into a personal devotion time tailored to each age group. This is a very special time of learning and growth for the campers.

Outdoor Activity: Our morning outdoor activity changes daily and we make sure to keep it exciting! We might play capture the flag or manhunt, but this time is always a camper favorite!

Bible Time: We have ten engaging Bible teachers throughout the summer who bring the Bible to life for our campers. Bible time is certainly the foundation of Camp Good News!

Lunch Time: Children gather to enjoy lunch with their friends and counselors. Campers bring their own lunch.

Lake Time: Lake time is absolutely a camper favorite! Campers can enjoy fishing, canoeing, swimming, and sliding down the waterslide, all under the supervision of our certified lifeguards.

Oak Time: Each group takes a tour through Oak Hall every day. It is a quiet (sometimes) and cool place with puzzles, air hockey, checkers, chess, Legos, board games, and imaginary play.

Art Center: Each group travels into the art center twice a week to create a beautiful and unique camp craft.

Outside Station: We have several outside stations that are rotated weekly. We have Adventureland, the Bike Trail, the playground, the basketball court, Gaga Ball pit, human foosball, and Good News Gulch. We also rotate special outdoor stations throughout the summer like slip in slide.

Surf Snack Shack: Campers visit the Surf Snack Shack and enjoy a cool drink and a sweet or salty snack! Campers can spend up to $2.50 a day. We also provide a delicious free snack and ice water.

Review Game: A fun and interactive end of the day review from Bible time. Counselors get super creative and have a lot of fun with Review Game!

A day at Camp Good News is filled with a million little memories!  

- Tennis shoes (for morning outdoor play)

- Flip flops or sandals (for lake time)

- A hat (not required, but recommended for those hot summer days!)

- Towel

 - Swim suits or trunks

 - Sunscreen *

 - Bug Spray *

*We provide both if your camper forgets!
 - Lunch

- Water bottle

(We do have several water fountains and we make sure all of our kids are hydrated all day long, even if they don’t bring a water bottle.)

_ Money for Surf Snack Shack – Campers are allowed to spend $2.50 a day at our Surf Snack Shack, but we always provide a delicious free snack and ice water for kids who don’t bring money.)

- Bus riders, please give your Surf Snack money to the bus driver when you get on the bus so it doesn’t get lost during the ride!

- Medications (Please make sure bottles are clearly labeled with camper’s name and please include detailed instructions with dosage, and times

What to Bring: